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2014 gigs

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 12.05.24.png

Robin Williamson and special guest Bina Williamson

Saturday September 13th, The Great Northern Railway Tavern

"Pure beauty through simplicity" Robert Plant

A first for the Kalamazoo...

Robin and Bina work together so well because they create a perfect balance of voices drawing on an exotic mix of Celtic Indian and Old Timey roots.

Incredible String Band legend Robin returns to the Klub - and this time he's bringing his wife Bina. It is a combination that has had critics reaching for the superlatives...."enchanting"..."magical". .."spellbinding."

Robin plays the Celtic harp, Bina the bowed psaltery (that's a kind of zither) and together they achieve what Robert Plant described as "pure beauty through simplicity." The duo draw on an "exotic mix" (as Robin calls it) - Celtic, Indian and old timey roots. A unique form of musical creativity.

Indian influence comes from East African-born British Asian Bina, a fine performer in her own right and an accomplished singer and multi-instrumentalist. Their music is original, traditional, visionary and spiritual - endorsed by no lesser figure than former Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams himself. His verdict: "superb."

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Robin Williamson
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Michelle Shocked

Saturday 11th October Great Northern Railway Tavern £25

The Kalamazoo's "scoop" of the year! SOLD OUT

Michelle Shocked plays her only London show for us at the end of her first UK tour in three years.

Unpredictable, highly original, undoubtedly controversial, this gifted Texas singer songwriter has been stirring up the music world since the mid-80s with self-penned songs that come in all styles - from folk to bluegrass, rock 'n' roll and gospel.

As a young feminist, the guitar-picking poet left her home in Texas to travel Kerouac-style and get involved in Reagan-era politics before, in the most unlikely fashion, she became an international star. Her debut album, The Texas Campfire Tapes, was a bootleg taped on a cassette recorder at the Kerrville folk festival and it brought a contract with Mercury and a succession of acclaimed albums -- Short Sharp Shocked, Captain Swing and Arkansas Traveler.

She quit the label to go independent and impressive albums followed -- Kind Hearted Woman, Deep Natural, Threesome and, more recently, Soul of My Soul.

Michelle's song Quality of Mercy featured on the soundtrack of the much-lauded 1995 Tim Robbins movie Dead Man Walking.


Dick Gaughan

Saturday November 8 £15

Dick Gaughan is truly a giant of the folk scene. A long-time, house-filling favourite of the Kalamazoo Klub who is revered around the world as a master of his craft.

How best to describe this astonishing performer, this most powerful and passionate of singer-songwriters?

No-one puts it better than Alastair Clark, The Scotsman's music writer....

"He can shake the most complacent mindset out of its skull.

"You go home from a Dick Gaughan session feeling exhilarated, not just at the wonderful skills of the most potent singer ever to emerge from the Scottish folk music revival, not just at the astonishingly eloquent guitar playing, but by the sense of the stark exposition of wrong and tremulously argued legitimacy of right.

"Even those who disagree profoundly with his view of life recognise the conviction and the supreme artistry." Gaughan, says Clark, "gives voice to an uncompromising solidarity with the flotsam and jetsam of tunnel-vision global capitalism: the victims, the helpless, the wronged, the fighters, the brawny working-class bravehearts who made capitalism work (after a fashion)."

To those who say he keeps singing songs of aggression, Gaughan simply says they are songs of love, not hate - but that they delineate a different kind of love.

Another memorable Kalamazoo night in prospect!

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Dick Gaughan
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Bonnie Dobson.jpg

Bonnie Dobson & her Boys (featuring BJ Cole)

Saturday December 6


The comeback of this or any other year ! A breath-taking return to the spotlight more than half a century after she became a star of the American folk scene.

It is almost as if Bonnie Dobson has never been away when she delivers once again her haunting apocalyptic anthem Morning Dew - that "spectacular piece of music," as Robert Plant describes it.

Her first appearance at the Kalamazoo and a glorious rendition (with Plant) of her great song at the Bert Jansch tribute gig at the Festival Hall last Christmas formed the launchpad for her return after so many years lost to the music world in an academic life.

Even now this Canadian legend finds it hard to believe the remarkable revival of her career - confirmed by a stunning new album that was greeted with universal acclaim in the summer. "A unique singer and still an impressively original lady," said Robin Denselow, of the Guardian. "She sounds better than ever," said Will Hodgkinson, of The Times, who concluded that her voice must have been preserved in aspic.

US writer and music consultant Alec Palao said:"Her voice still soars with that same easy, sweet grace ...an instrument that communicates at once innocence and experience - each an implicit element in the folk idiom from which she evolved." Bonnie's Boys - her studio and stage band - will be with her tonight : Ben Phillipson on guitar, Ben Paley (fiddle), Dave Morgan (drums), Jonny Bridgwood (bass), BJ Cole (pedal steel) - as well as the one gal in the lineup, Ruth Tidmarsh on backing vocals.

Welcome back Miss Bonnie!

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Bonnie Dobson & her Boys (featuring BJ Cole)
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